Available EHRI vocabularies and ontologies

EHRI Adminitrative Districts Authority List

With Administrative districts in the context of EHRI we mean: Administrative divisions in the German Reich and in the Nazi occupied territories: The scope for the time frame is 1933-1945. This authority list of adminitrative districts includes 261 district records, covering 7 German administrative territories.

EHRI Authority list of Nazi Concentration Camps

This Authority list of Nazi Concentration Camps consists of 1,973 Camps names, expressed as concepts. This Authority list is based on the entries from the International Tracing Service (ITS) as partner intitution of the EHRI Project.

EHRI Authority list of Events which are related to the Holocaust

This Authority list of Events consists of 76 events, expressed as concepts and as Simple Event Model (SEM) resources. The specification of the SEM ontology can be found here: "http://semanticweb.cs.vu.nl/2009/11/sem/semdoc.html"

EHRI Authority list of Ghettos in Europe during the WWII

This Authority list of Ghettos consists of 1,105 Ghetto names, expressed as concept. This Authority list is base on the entries of the Online Ghettos Encyclopedia published on the Yad Vashem's Website: "http://www.yadvashem.org/yv/he/research/ghettos_encyclopedia/"

EHRI SKOS Extension

Extention of SKOS scheme to adjust the rdfs:label property skos:preflabel to the EHRI Thesaurus terms in the languages, in which the term have more than one preferred label (masculine/feminine form), for each gender. In most of the cases, this happens in the languages in which the terms are in a singular form, and differenciate between masculine/feminine (e.g. German, French, Croatian)

EHRI Thesaurus

EHRI Thesaurus is a Holocaust focused subject terms controlled multilingual vocabulary, containing hierarchical and associative links organized according to international standards and references.

List of person records

An overview of person records by name.